About Chic Rebellion


It's time for a change. It's time for something new. It's time for...A MOVEMENT! And ChicRebellion.TV is a part of that movement—a network created by women of color, to reflect women of color, with LOVE!

ChicRebellion.TV is the FIRST AND ONLY Internet TV network that develops, produces, curates and syndicates original web series and videos for women of color. WE CELEBRATE YOU, push you to the forefront, and feature a diverse range of shows and personalities covering fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, lifestyle, travel, health, career, politics, empowerment and global interests that appeal to your sensibilities. And with twelve series (and counting!) on our network, we ensure there's a space for YOU to shine and stay connected!

I have worked in media for more than 15 years, holding top positions at some of the most prestigious outlets — from mainstream to niche brands — and it has been my longstanding passion to ensure that women of color are honored, ALWAYS. The way our images are often mishandled in media not only has an effect on how others see, and misjudge, us; it also has a lasting effect on how we see, and sometimes misunderstand, ourselves and our value as women.

Nothing like ChicRebellion.TV currently exists. And until now, women of color have had no one network to turn to when they craved a collection of quality programming that is a true reflection of who they are — multi-faceted women with myriad interests and compelling stories. ChicRebellion.TV is your new destination!

You deserve it, beautiful. Now is the time!

With love,

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