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ChicRebellion.TV is the FIRST AND ONLY global Internet TV network for women of color. We create, curate and syndicate original web series and videos that celebrate the best of her and challenge the misperceptions of her in media.

From style to entertainment to social activism, ChicRebellion.TV content is always through the prism of disrupting negative images and countering them with a new twist: Focusing on inspiring and intriguing women of color who are game changers, thought leaders, pioneers and activists, those who push the boundaries, soar through the glass ceilings and force us to think differently.

The Chic Rebellion woman is 25 – 44, urbane, educated, professional, savvy and community-connected. She cares about her family as much as she cares about her career. She wants to know the latest debate about Beyonce’s feminism as well as the best sources of advice for working moms. When it comes to products–from beauty to technology–she wants to know what’s best; not simply what’s new. She gravitates to brand that authentically care about her and her community. Her interests are diverse and so are her social circles. She is not limited to one thing; she is open to many. She needs to be challenged, she demands to be inspired. She wants a media outlet that is as intellectual as it is on-trend, and she wants a network that is a true reflection of who she is–one that elevates and entertains, that celebrates the best of her and challenges the misperceptions of her.

ChicRebellion.TV. Now is the time.

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